Q: Does Little Lambs provide snack?

A: Yes! We provide a morning snack and an afternoon snack if your child stays for extended day.

Q: What do we do for lunches?

A: The parents provide lunch. You may send anything that your child loves! We are not a peanut free campus though we are very cautious with any students with these allergies. You may also send something to be heated as long as it does not take over 1 minute to heat. If your child’s lunch requires “refrigeration” please provide enough cool packs to remain cold until your child’s lunch time. We do not have fridge space to keep everyone’s lunch in. 

Q: Do they take a nap everyday?

A: Yes, we take a nap everyday from 12-1:45 PM. You will need to provide a nap mat for your child to rest on. We allow each child to have a “rest buddy” to sleep with- the rest buddy needs to be about beanie baby size, please no larger. We also prefer a rest buddy that will not require to be sent home daily, but that we are able to keep wrapped up in their mat. 

Q: How and when do I pay tuition?

A: Tuition must be paid by the 5th of each month. You may pay with cash, check or card (2% charge fee). You may also place your payment in your child’ folder- the teacher will check these daily and a receipt will be placed in their bag once the payment has been processed. Online payments can be made through the Procare App.

Q: How many children are in my child’s class?

A: The numbers will vary on what class your child is placed in.*

     18 month class: 10

     2s class: 10

     3s class: 12

     4s class: 13 

* We are not a state governed facility and are not required to abide by state guidelines. We do however keep within state guidelines for the number of children in our classes. We feel these are great numbers to follow for a controlled and safe environment. 

Q: If my child needs to take medicine for any reason, how do I do that?

A: If your child needs to take medication you will need to fill out a medication release form allowing your child’s teacher to administer the medication as needed listed on the file.