Imagine what it would be like if everyone knew what their top spiritual gifts were and were using them

Imagine the impact our church could make in our community if that were the case! GPS Groups are designed to jumpstart the discovery and discernment process of each person’s Gifts, Passions, and Story.

Do you know your
spiritual gifts?

Are you serving in areas of passion that are life-giving to you and the people around you?

Do you feel like you know your place in the Body of Christ?


What is a GPS Group and what will we be doing?

“GPS” plays off of the navigational theme, but instead of focusing on physical locations, GPS groups are designed to help you find your sweet spot in the Kingdom by combining your Gifts, Passions, and Story. If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of thinking “I was made for this,” you know the joy that comes when we are able to serve God in areas of gifting and passion.

GPS Groups are small to medium-sized groups of adults that meet once a week for 5 weeks. During the 5 weeks, you’ll take an online spiritual gifts assessment, explore biblical passages that speak about our giftings and passions, and identify personal action steps for Kingdom service. Groups are intentionally sized to facilitate lots of opportunity for discussion, questions, encouragement, and sharing. 

Who can/should participate?

We want every adult at St. John’s to be a part of this church-wide focus.

Where will GPS Groups meet? 

Our Sunday & Wednesday groups will meet at St. John’s. But if you’d like to host a group at your house or another location, let us know!

When will GPS Groups meet? 

  • SUNDAY MORNINGS  – Note: Many of our Sunday School Groups (Wes, Wade & Cecily, Eddie, Dennon) will be incorporating the GPS focus into their normal Sunday School time. If you are in one of those groups, sign up for Sunday and simply keep coming to your class. Sunday groups begin Sept 26.
  • WEDNESDAY EVENINGS Note: We will have at least 2 GPS groups led by experienced group hosts for those who aren’t in a Sunday group. For those already in a Sunday GPS group, Pastor Nate will teach a 5-week study on The Mystery of the Holy Spirit. Wednesday groups begin Sept 22.
  • OTHER: I’d like to find a day of the week other than Sun or Wed
  • ONLINE: Due to health concerns, I’d like to discover my spiritual gifts, but in an online group.

Why should I join a GPS Group? 

We believe that God wants your heart to come alive with the Kingdom passions he puts inside of each of us. GPS Groups are simply a vehicle to help you find your sweet spot in being used by God to glorify His name by blessing the people around you. Together we will discover the joy of God’s design for the church as it “grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (Eph 4:16)

How do I sign up? 

  • Filling out a GPS signup card (available by offering baskets) and turning it into a church leader or dropping it in the offering
  • Registering online here. 
  • Registering through the ChurchCenter app under signups

You have a gift,
and someone needs you to use it.