covid-19 Precautions

covid-19 Precautions

What’s Next?

First, a big “thank you” to all of you who have prayed for SJ’s staff for the discernment and wisdom as how we are to re-open our church to our members and our community. Please know, we are taking the measured and focused steps, we feel, that are in everyone’s best interests and safety, as we move forward thru this new season.  YES, your groups can meet, but… our ministry schedule and facilities usage will be modified at least for the remainder of the summer. Keep in mind, all of this is a fluid situation and subject to change at any given time. Should an outbreak of the virus occur, a positive test of an individual that has been onsite or unavoidable situation arise, we will do our best to keep you up to date and informed.    

Please encourage your group members, if they are sick or running a fever to remain at home. Likewise if they have been around someone who tests positive, please refrain from joining your group  until they are cleared. We are trying our best to share a clean, safe space, while being  mindful of many health needs of individuals.   

What’s next?  Phase 2 comes with a little more relaxing of the suggested state and federal guidelines. The biggest change for Phase 2 is the addition of groups back to our facilities. We will still remain vigilant with our previous plans concerning masks, CDC cleaning guidelines and social distancing in all of facilities.

Beginning June 1, 2020, adult groups will be allowed to meet back onsite with a few requirements requested from each group. Below are the guidelines:  

· Each group will be responsible for sanitizing and cleaning their meeting space after the meeting. A sanitizing agent will be supplied by the church, but a member(s) from your particular group will need to be designated to handle this task after each meeting. This will ensure to each incoming group that every area will continue to be clean and ready for the next group. Our staff will continue to clean also, but the turnaround time between groups often does not / will not allow proper sanitizing of each area.  We have one (1) person that cleans our entire facility after each meeting and event.

· Coordinate all requests for use of buildings and grounds with me  thru the office. 

Your group may have met at a certain time/location in the past, but that may need to adjust for the foreseeable future as we flex to new protocols. We are committed to cleaning according to the CDC recommendations, which requires much more time and repetition than before we were dealing with virus precautions.  Thus, every group that wants to meet onsite needs to coordinate thru me.

· Each group will need to provide their own hand sanitizer. We do not have a huge supply of hand sanitizer here at church. So to help be in compliance with the CDC guidelines, hand sanitizer will need to be made available for members of your group. Please bring it with you when you come to your meeting and take it with you as you leave your meeting.  

· All groups will need to use the restrooms in the main hallway, adjacent to the atrium.

· Groups will need to practice social distancing for seating for meals and meetings. Please let C.L. know in advance of how many you expect for your weekly meeting. In the past you may have been able to sit 6 or 8 at a table. Now your max will be 4 per table.

· Meals: In accordance with the CDC, State and Federal Guidelines, self serve buffets, drink stations, and salad bars are not allowed at the current time. Those items must be served by an individual. Please make allowances for this in your planning, either with your caterer or within your group.

· The use of all using all disposable plastic wear is strongly encouraged, but not required, during this current time.

· Please make sure the church office has a current meeting schedule of your calendar.

Thanks in advance and remember to keep SJ’s staff in your prayers as we navigate thru this season.